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                                                                SAS 3 at the Pacific Design Center

Does a body of land, like the figure, retain a secret, hidden memory of the other? Do the scars where development has left its inscription inform past as well as present identity? These are the questions at the heart of Figure/Ground SAS Pavilion 3 at the Pacific Design Center, a secret pavilion. Only this secret is out in plain sight - like who has money and who doesn’t. Pavilion 3 is as fluid as money, always flowing, changing form: it will be saved, spent, stolen, thrown out, repossessed, and reconstituted like water. This pavilion explores the relationship between memory and place. When a site is developed, what happens to the connection, if any, between land, trace, memory and identity?

"The Re-Skinning" The Making of SAS 5 - An Art Commando Parody  4 minutes  2017

SAS 5 at the Pacfic Design Center  2017  Over 75 sq yards of astro turf installed at the PDC and other properties over the course of one month.

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