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                                                                            SAS 4 at the LA River

The performance took place on a platform floating in the middle of LA River. It has two works, "Thare She Blows: for Pina" and "The 5th Element" influenced by imagery of Olympic films. The second dance is set to the Donizetti aria sung in the 1997 film "The 5th Element" where the Diva Plavalaguna asks her lover to stop running from their enemies and sit by the water with her.  The architecture and floodgates of the bridge are reminiscent of much of the "peoples architecture" of past Olympics—grandiose gestures executed in bare concrete, the people's material. 

The Fifth Element is Love   2016  4:34

LA River- Below Glendale Bridge- Northside

Thare She Blows: For Pina   2016  3:15

LA River- Below Glendale Bridge- Southside

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